Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Adoptions and more at Social Tees

The past couple of weeks there have been many adoptions at Social Tees (http://socialtees.com), seems like most of the cats there have gone to new homes, which is great. This includes a few of the more special kitties such as my tabby and white pal who is missing one of his back feet, and the little black and white kitten named Jigsaw who has a crippled front paw. We wish them well in their new homes!

The two little black and white kittens above are still there and so friendly. They come to the front of the cage and call to me when I come in. They both were so frightened when they first arrived, putting their ears back and hissing if you tried to touch them. After some careful and gradual sessions with them over the past weeks, they have become extremely social and friendly. I am sure that someone will fall in love with them soon.

Below is a gorgeous tabby who is a recent arrival. She was a little bit shy upon arrival but not aggressive in the least. I first presented the back of my hand to her and she was soon nuzzling against it, so I was able to begin some TTouch on her head and some ear strokes, then some Noah's marches down the sides of her body using the back of my hand. She started to get a bit over-excited at being touched, walking back and forth and rubbing against me, so I would give her a little break and then come back. She is very social and will make someone a very loyal companion.

Below is one of the feral cats who inhabits Social Tees. He often sits right beside me or near me while I am doing TTouch, though he is afraid of people in general. I have begun to lure him toward me with little crunchies, putting them closer and closer to me. I nearly touched him the other day. Robert said that if you give him treats that you can eventually touch him. So far he has come within inches of me but I don't want to scare him by trying to touch him too soon. We'll see what happens!

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