Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Second Session with Krishna: Staying in the Moment

Some months ago, I got together with lovely kitty Krishna and his human mommy, Rebecca, to doTTouch with him and to show Rebecca how to do some of the TTouches. He is a really shy guy with people other than his human mom and dad, so I worked with him with tools and after a while he got much more comfortable, getting closer and closer to me.

Today I got together with them again. Rebecca told me she had been doing some of the TTouches with him, which is great, especially as he has trouble feeling his back end - he has some type of congenital issue in his hips so he has a bit of difficulty sensing everything back there. She said that doing abalone TTouches all down his hips and hind legs has been really helpful for him.

When I first entered the apartment, it seemed he recognized me from last time. I sat on the floor and he came up and sniffed me.

I started out by doing TTouches with a paintbrush, which he was used to because that is one of the tools I used last time, and I left one with Rebecca. She has been using that as well as TTouching him with her hand. He was responsive especially to TTouches around the mouth, under the chin, and around his ears. I interspersed these with a few on his body, giving him frequent breaks. I also did some TTouches on him using the wand and some feathers. He seemed to get more comfortable as I went along, and was able to get closer and closer to me.

But the real breakthrough in this session with him was when I began to do some Reiki with him from a short distance away. He nearly stopped in his tracks, and I could see him feeling the energy, he became almost mesmerized by it. He was staring as if to ask me what was going on. I looked at him with soft eyes and tried not to stare at him so I wouldn't frighten him. We stayed quite close to each other (about a couple of feet away), and he grew more relaxed as I continued to send Reiki to him.

After that, I gave him a break and he went up on the couch on a blanket, one of his favorite places. After a bit, I sent him Reiki from where I was, several feet away, and again, I saw him begin to really let go. His eyes started to close and he began to stare at me with such a wise look, I felt almost like I was looking directly into his wise, beautiful soul.

Thank you so much, Krishna. You teach me so much, and I look forward to seeing you soon!

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