Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Suzy's Story

Suzy is a very sweet kitty with whom I have a very special connection. She arrived with us after a previous owner had apparently tried to throw her away in the garbage, where a porter for an apartment complex had found her, taken her in and had been keeping her in the basement of the apartment complex where he worked. He wanted her to have a better home and so that is how she ended up with us. He did ask that we keep her name, Suzy. Initially she had a bad cold, so after being treated by our vet, she came back to us. She is a lovely charcoal color - greyish black fur interspersed with white.

Why anyone would want to throw away this dear little creature is absolutely beyond me. Suzy was a little shy and mostly sleeping in her litter box when she arrived at the shelter. I wanted to encourage her to eat, as she only seemed to be eating a little of the dry food which was in her cage so I started giving her a little bit of sliced turkey, followed by some wet food, which she began to be increasingly enthusiastic about. After feeding her, I began doing TTouch on her head, starting w/chimp touches and raccoon touches and ear strokes, then some Noah's marches down the sides of her body with the back of my hand and clouded leopard touches. She grew more responsive to TTouch every day.

Then after going to the 99 cent store and finding some wonderful soft brushes, I tried one on Suzy which probably is a shoe brush, but with nice soft bristles. This has turned out to be her favorite thing, and every day I call to her and she comes to the front of her cage to be brushed gently all around her face and ears and then down her body. She holds a special place in my heart and I hope that someone will feel the same way and adopt her soon. It can take longer for adult kitties, especially black or black-ish cats, but she will get a lot of love in the shelter until the right forever home happens.

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