Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dogs and Cats at Social Tees

There are cats in every size and color at Social Tees , and each one has their own distinct personality. This big guy pictured above is so friendly, and always calls to me to do TTouch on him when I come. He practically jumps out of his cage with excitement when I open the door and purrs up a storm. I can see him happily sitting on someone's lap, and hopefully he will be doing that in the near future.

Above is a gorgeous little kitten who I had been told was very shy. I opened her cage and gently put my hand on her body (which covered nearly her whole body). She really responded to this. so I gently did some abalone touch on her. Before long, she rolled over onto her back, stretching out in total comfort. This was such a pleasure to see. I also did TTouch on her head and ears, whch she also responded to. Some kittens really seem to enjoy the warmth of a whole hand on them, while others prefer the smaller touches like raccoon and chimp touches.
There are a number of feral cats who roam around loose in Social Tees, and once in a while one pops up in an unexpected place. I heard a little rustle above me and here is what I saw when I looked up!

A new kitty arrived yesterday and was very shy, so I went very slowly with her. Yesterday I did circles on her ears and head with the wand and corn dog. She was resistant to having me touch her body, so I did not do that. Later on I came back to her and did circles and strokes with a feather, which she found relaxing. Today when I came back I started out with the feather, and later on was able to do raccoon touch and ear strokes on her with my hand, as well as some abalone touch on her body. Her body was very tight, and at one point she hissed, so I left her alone, gave her a break and later came back and did TTouch on her head again. I believe she will come around but she needs her own time to become accustomed to the situation.

I made a nice breakthrough with the striped cat who was very shy the other day. I had only been able to touch her head. Yesterday I brought some Greenies, which she liked, and was able to lure her to the front of the cage. Once she was there, she started rubbing her head against my hand, so I was able to do some TTouch on her head and gentle strokes on her body with my hand. She is still a bit nervous about her body being touched but it was a big step for her to come forward and then to seek touch from me. After that, I noticed her staying in the front of the cage and looking around to see what was going on, a big change from scrunching in the back of the cage. Today when I went back I gave her another treat and again she came to the front of the cage. I was able to touch her on her body a bit more today, and she was more comfortable being touched in general, rubbing her head and her body against me. I am so happy for her to be feeling more comfortable.
Meanwhile, there have been a lot of adoptions this week, which has been so great to see. The little rascal below is one of a bunch of lovely dogs at Social Tees. Not sure if he has been adopted yet, there has certainly been a lot of interest. In any case come on down, there are many cats and dogs to see and adopt there. You can call Robert at Social Tees, 212 614 9653, or check out their website for further details.

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